10 Facts you should know about me

Well, my readers I’ve decided to write this short post because I’m at my very first beginning in here and you don’t know too much about me. So, I will list the following in random order.

  • I’ve worked for The Estée Lauder Companies for 10 years (in Romania) – I was Beauty Adviser for their brands as: Estée Lauder, Clinique, Lab Series, Tommy Hilfiger, Aramis and DKNY:) Isn’t that just great?
  • For 7 months I was Store Manager by Marionnaud Paris (also in Romania ) – maybe a few of you know this international brand. It’s a “not so big” store with beauty products, pretty much like Sephora and Douglas. I learned a lot there, and I’ve worked so hard but I enjoyed this job a lot.
  • I love to travel, but haven’t had the chance to do that lately. A few days ago I went to Berlin just for a day- some things to do- but when I was over, I took advantage of the beautiful sunny weather and visited several places. All of them were full of history and emotions. What a day….!!!
  • I studied Economics – International economic Relations- so I’m licensed, but never worked in this field….pity or not….I don’t really know…but it’s never too late:).
  • I love sweets and coffee a lot ( well, eating and drinking, not just looking at) – can not decide which the most- I think both:)). One day without coffee it’s a dead day, though I survive not eating sweets.
  • I live in Hamburg, Germany for almost 2 years and I love this city a lot, even though the language hinders me:( – I’m attending German courses…I’m on the right track:). When are you coming to Germany, please be aware of the nicest city – Hamburg (arhitecture & night life) – my opinion….no ofense!!
  • I like people that are punctual- point people!! They come always on time….that’s amazing….without losing time you have no stress!
  • I spend a lot of money on products I don’t use, mostly because I want them sooooo bad, but are not my type- that’s annoying!
  • I collect miniature perfumes…just looooving them! At this time I own 35 pieces and they are so nice and….small, of course:)).
  • In the last time I started using essential oils and I’m so proud of me. They make my life easier in matter of health, cleaning at home and even DiY -I discovered a lot of things you can do at home. I strongly recommend them!

In primary school I was told: “Practice makes perfect” – I’m triying to make perfect, so I’ll post more often.

So, that’s for today! Hope you’ll enjoy reading!

Best regards!



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