Drugstore products you should try-part II


As I promised, today I am back with the second part of drugstore products you should try.

Bebe Peeling ( 2. 99 €) – the most velvet peeling I have ever tried- new brand for me. It smells pleasant and can be used in a daily routine, without aggressing the skin. Although it’s soft, it removes the dead cells and revitalizes the skin. I am already in love with it! Prepares your skin for skin care daily basis products.  https://www.rossmann.de/produkte/bebe/sanftes-peeling/3574661329727.html?suggestTerm=bebe+pee



Manhattan Super Gel Nail step 1 & 2 (total 9 .00 €) – my new favourite nail lacquer brand. I discovered it by mistake and I am not sorry at all. Though limited variety of colours, the quality is top. For a good looking nail colour you have to apply two layers of step 1 and after that step 2, which is a bright transparent top coat. With a brilliant finish and no UV light needed it lasted a week on my nails.⇑ https://www.rossmann.de/produkte/manhattan/super-gel-nail-polish-925-grey-matter/0000030121430.html?suggestTerm=manhattan+nail






Batiste Dry Shampoo (2. 99 € ) – as I know this is the best dry shampoo from UK and not tested on animals, suitable for vegans. I am so happy with it – it instantly refresh my hair (” I am happy carrying an oily hair”)  and smells delicious (mine is the cherry one, but are many others on the market). A few quick bursts instantly transforms my look.
Hair looks clean and fresh with added body and texture. No water required! https://www.rossmann.de/produkte/batiste/trockenshampoo-fruity-cheeky-cherry/5010724526798.html?suggestTerm=batiste


Essence Eyeliner Pen Waterproof ( 2.45 €) my very first eyeliner pen⇑. I normally use eyeliner gel, but now was the momet to try a different one, so I discovered this pen which offers great precision with a slim felt-tip applicator. The only negative part that I have noticed is that the black color is not so… black, that’s way I have to apply two layers. It is not bothering me, it is still in use. https://www.rossmann.de/produkte/essence/eyeliner-pen/4250035200579.html?suggestTerm=essence


Hope that you’ll find the information useful!

Feel free to comment!

I want to let you know that by posting about rosmann.de it is not an advertise, so I am not being payed . I do it just because I enjoy shopping here, it has good drugstore products and good quality.

Greetings from the rainy  Hamburg!




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