Blogging or Vlogging? That’s the question….

Hey…hey…!!! Hello everybody,

As you can see from the title of this post, today’s writings are going to be about the most “catchy” question of our times – like to be or not to be – blogging or vlogging??? The Germans would say: ” Gute  Frage, nächste Frage!” ( translated as:  good question, the next question”)!!!

Well, it all started with blogging – writing down your thoughts – the mother or vlogging.!!!! Nowadays the trend is going in the vlogging direction and I wonder myself if this is just a trend, for money, for getting more influence or fun?? Or just because someone makes a good job speaking instead of writing. Hmmm…both of them have pros and contra,  that’s for sure. As I can see vlogging is more easier, fluently speaking and in real time (like insta-stories), but you have to work, later on,  to put all staff together, video&co:)) In writing, you just write – opinion, thoughts and all the stuff you want and publish..that’s all with blogging.…no…that’s not all…’s just superficial said. Whether you decide yourself for blogging or vlogging, feel free doing want you want and what you like to, what makes you happy and what makes you free!!!!!

This question has so many answers, there is no right or wrong, there is just you and your joy, there is you and your laptop or camera, and there is a lot of fun- my point of view:)

So, why am I writing? Just for fun and maybe I can help others…well….maybe. I am not  followed by making myself known in this big world, nor to receive money or other benefits… I am too small for that…but…..I am just writing guided by pleasure. Perhaps some of you have noticed that I am writing in here on my own and I probably have many mistakes – just my old school English:) ..sorry for that. I try my best for sure!

Why are you writing for? What are your purposes? Is there anyone that makes both of them- blog and vlog? Surely, there is!

I wiss you all luck in your work and follow your dream!

Kisses from yours R:)

P.S Don’t forget: YOU ARE, YOU CAN!

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