Vacation Mode: Goneeeee……

Back:) ladies and gentlemen,

In the last month, I was out of inspiration…well maybe it sounds bad, but that’s the truth. I’ve had some exams to pass, no writings in here, vacation coming and …wtf??

As you can see above in title my vacation is gone:((…I had my parents visiting Hamburg and the surroundings, chillin’ together, cooking and spend quality time for about two weeks. Now I have to put myself into operation…so let’s work girl!!

In those two weeks, we visited:

  • Schwerin Castle in Schwerin
  • Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin
  • Madam Tussauds in Berlin
  • das Verrückte Haus in Bispingen
  • Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
  • Berlin Wall Memorial
  • Unter den Linden

I have to confess that I never liked history in school but if I were right now in that period I would totally enjoy the classes. I regret it just because the above places are full of history and emotions, I felt myself like I was living that times.

The most and more I was impressed by those two castles…wow…amazing how those people lived back in the 1700s and 1800s, the furniture they owned, the ballrooms and the cutlery. As I walked in, I felt that all those pictures and faces were looking at me and trying to tell me their story. So, take a deep breath…..and go visit them!!!

I will share some pics here although I did that also on my Instagram account….enjoy!

Well, guys feel lucky for the opportunity to see places, and go traveling, forget the overtime working, the expensive cars or clothing or other material things. Oh yes, we need them so bad but let’s just not let them transform us. We are choosing them, not the other way round!!

Greeting from the hot Hamburg! (today were 30 Celsius degrees)….it’s getting hot in here!!!




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