DIY – how to take care of your heels

Hello ladies, I just wrote "ladies" just because most of the time we are the ones dealing with this problem for the whole year. In cold seasons our skin is dehydrated and in the others among this, comes the important fact: summer:) At this point, we are dealing with shorts, skirts, slippers, sandals and who … Continue reading DIY – how to take care of your heels

Keep calm- it’s my birthday!!

Hei, Hei, Hei┬átoday is the day!!! Well, I'm not getting married (cause I am ­čÖé), but I turn 33 today­čść....crazy or? No sir...I'm not getting older, I'm getting better:) - a new and updated version of mine - and gonna laugh, take the chance and risk more - make all the stuff that makes┬áme "happily … Continue reading Keep calm- it’s my birthday!!