Keep calm- it’s my birthday!!

pexels-photo-221361Hei, Hei, Hei today is the day!!!

Well, I’m not getting married (cause I am ­čÖé), but I turn 33 today­čść….crazy or?

No sir…I’m not getting older, I’m getting better:) – a new and updated version of mine – and gonna laugh, take the chance and risk more – make all the stuff that makes┬áme “happily ever after”!

This post is actually “no post” cause I’m kind of excited about today, usually, I behave┬ámyself like this every single year­čĄ¬. For this reason, I will post some older pics of mine below.

10 months – 1986

They are from 1986 (1 year) till 1990 (5 years), back into the ┬áCommunism. You may see some kindergarten photos with that time uniform….oh!hard times!

1 year old – 1986 with my parents

What my wishes are? A healthy body and mind, to stay strong and do not split the thread into four like I use to do. The rest comes with the time, I’m not a hypocrite not to admit that I love beauty and makeup products, jewelry and clothes, vacation and so on…..But, they are not a priority!!!

Enjoy throwback memories:)



3 years old – 1988
5 years old – 1990

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