DIY – Body Sugar Scrub

Hello to each and every of you,

I saw that the major part of my reader enjoyed the last post with DIY heels cream – and I thank you for that!

I promised I will be back with a new recipe that I’ve tested, and that it is a scrub that we all can do easily at home, without needing much time or many ingredients.

You will need:

  • White sugar
  • Kokos oil
  • Essential oil
  • A container where you can preserve the mixture ( I have a jar, the one for candies 🍭 and it works so good)
  • Food coloring – optional

I have mixed all together and at the end I packed all in the jar. I will attach a picture, so you’ll have an exposure idea.

I wish you luck doing this, it is easy and super quickly. After using this scrub the skin will be hydrated and it will thank you for the treatment.

Please write down in comments what healthy products do you use or do at home🙂.

Sending you all my good thoughts!!



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