Summertime – vacation! what’s in my summer bag!

Hello Summer! Vacation mode: ON

Hello everybody,

Are you still anxious for the vacation? Well, I am ….but I have to wait a little bit longer.

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the summer. Where I am living, summer comes, and then goes away, and then comes again and so on. You probably know that Germany is well known for the fact that the weather it changes so quickly and the summer in here is not like in other countries, especially in Hamburg. For example, in July we had one week with 15 Celsius degrees, 😱 oh my God!

Despite this weather, today’s post it’s about my summer bag or my holiday bag if you want to call it that way. For this year I haven’t decided on my holiday as a location or period of time, at least not yet. But I certainly know want I am going to take with me and by that, I am not meaning clothes or all the necessary stuff, but the others.

First of all, you will find a book….a really good one! Mostly these are not drama or love books, but psychological books or personal development books. These are new in my library and I tend to read more and often!

The second one, I am taking with me a hat and summer products for the skin. By that, I mean sunscreen creams for face and body, the face one has the highest sunscreen ca. 40 and the rest just 20 or 30!

At last but not least I will have…GOOD MOOD….pam-pam!!! Good mood for funny things, for sun, for the beach, for people, for me to recharge my batteries. When you decide on a vacation this should be the more important fact, but you know….we are all humans…

This year I will choose the beach, probably somewhere in France. Do you have tips for me? Places, hotels or restaurants? If you do please write them down – I will be glad of reading them.

What’s your destination for this summer? Your vacation stands for the beach or for the mountains, cold places or warm ones?

I am looking forward to your comments!











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