5 Fragrances for this summer-2018!

Hello ladies, Today I will share with you a topic that is important for us - “who runs the world”? No, no...I mean....fragrances! Nowadays, it’s well known the fact that in summer we should change our fragrances. In fact, you are not supposed to run like so in stores and grab yourself some perfumes, but … Continue reading 5 Fragrances for this summer-2018!

Summertime – vacation! what’s in my summer bag!

Hello Summer! Vacation mode: ON Hello everybody, Are you still anxious for the vacation? Well, I am ....but I have to wait a little bit longer. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the summer. Where I am living, summer comes, and then goes away, and then comes again and so on. You … Continue reading Summertime – vacation! what’s in my summer bag!